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“Rejuvi” Skincare

Natural Elegance in Skin Care
Rejuvi Plus is a new line of technologically advanced products providing the most effective natural skincare available today. It was created for the woman of today who wants luxury, naturalness, quality and performance from individually designed products. Rejuvi Plus contains a patent-pending exclusive formula call Active Botanical Complex that can actually help your skin look and feel younger. Active Botanical Complex is included in most Rejuvi Plus products.

What is Active Botanical Complex?
After years of study and investigation, Rejuvi scientists have discovered a unique complex extract from the citrus plants in South Asia. This complex extract has been named Active Botanical Complex (ABC). ABC has excellent skin healing properties. It also offers anti-microbial activity and skin rejuvenation. ABC is a new reflection of nature's power in skincare. Rejuvi scientists have combined this important discovery with other advancements in natural herbalogy to formulate the Rejuvi Plus skincare line.
More hydrating with ABC (Active Botanical Complexes)

Plus Bio-Refining (AHA )1 oz. $60.00

Plus Vital Protection Day cream 1 oz. $58.

Plus Nightly Renewal 1oz. $58.

Plus Firming Eye cream .5oz $56.

Plus Essential Serum 1oz. $76.

Gental Purrifying Emulsion 6.7oz $35.

Revitalizing Tonic 6.7oz $35.

Combined advanced herbalogy, the latest dermatologicalresearch,
ancient beauty secrets from the Orient, and modern cosmetic
chemistry Rejuvi products provide a unique synergistic approach in
the world of cosmetics and produces the most advanced skin
rejuvenation products available today. The youthful vitality of your
complexion and body is safeguarded, your natural beauty
                         replenished with Rejuvi. These revolutionary products are made with
natural ingredients, no artificial fragrances and no animal
                    testing... manufactured by a laboratory dedicated to quality, right here in the USA.
If you are ready for the finest skincare... If you are ready to see a
dramatic improvement in your skin... then you are ready for Rejuvi.
(prices reflects a 20% discount)

“K” Cleanser 7.04oz. $23.00

“N” Bio-Rejuvenating Complex 1oz. $64.

“A” Renewal Complex 1oz. $58.50.

“X” Vitamin C 1oz. $56.50

“Q” Flavanoids 1oz. $57.

“A” Night Gel-Vitamin 1.5oz $45.50.

“G” Aha Serum 1oz. $36.50

"P" Normalizer 1oz.  $39.00

“S” Sun Block 2.3oz. 21.00

Rejuvi Masks 2.3oz. $25.00

Neck Rejuvenation Set each,1.76oz. $94.00

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