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Custom  Facial Treatments

Consultation plus Refining Treating   $85.
A first time consultation plus deep cleansing treatment designed to give a comprehensive evaluation to determine which course of action to take. 

Celebrity"s Secret   $225.
Treat your skin to the Celebrity’s Secret. Includes deep cleanse with extractions, galvanic and alpha-hydroxy pre-treatment, along with your choice of three different modalities which include, microdermabrasion,   ultrasound, Photo light Therapy, 100% pure concentrated oxygen gas,
Micro- needling, acne or hyper-pigmentation lightening treatment, all to address anti aging and other skin issues . Includes an extra deep hylouronic  hydration with a vitamin/peptide cocktail post.This incredibly anti-aging treatment can target most skin concerns and leave your skin with that bright, healthy glow that we all wish to have.
Celebrities do it. Now you can too!!

Alpha / Beta Hydroxy Facial Treatment  $85.
Utilizing Aha’s and Bha’s to aid in exfoliation, this visibly effective treatment helps to reduce fine lines, refines pores and scarring, and lightens mild pigmentation. A great cleansing, hydrating and anti-aging treatment.

Micro- Needling (Includes Photo Light Therapy )$40. per area
This new alternative to laser  uses micro-needles to gently penetrate the skin to stimulate and repair new collagen and elastin growth. With little down time or compromise to the skin, this highly effective treatment will also fade stretchmarks, scars, wrinkles, and sun damage! Photo Light Therapy will intensify the anti-aging effects and help calm the skin more quickly.

Microdermabrasion Facial $135.
This effective exfoliating process eliminates many signs of aging by diminishing fine lines, hyper-pigmentation, acne scarring, and more. Includes deep cleanse with extractions, galvanic and alpha-hydroxy pre-treatment and post micro current treatment to deliver an abundance of anti-oxidants, and extra deep hydration. Afterwards, your skin will be bright, firm,and noticeably improved.

Ultrasound /Microdermabrasion Facial $165.
This treatment is the latest technology in skin anti-aging. This treatment immediatly promotes new collagen and elastin productivity, plus, will increase circulation, calm inflamation, and deliver deep hydration by combining ultra-sound and electrical stimulation. Used in conjunction with highly concentrated anti-oxidants, ultra-sound delivers these nutrient deep into the dermal tissue. Includes a deep cleansing with extractions, and alpha-hydroxy pre treatment. This is very effective for post surgery and will aid and expedite the healing process. You will notice an immediate difference.

Pepitide/Ultrasound Infusion $120
This intense and immediate anti-aging treatment will quickly improve collagen, elastin and deep hydration along with the many benefits of ultrasound.

Echo 2 Oxygen Facial with microdermabrasion $165.
The ECHO2 Skin Care Treatment uses 87 different combinations of vitamins, minerals, enzymes, amino acids, and most importantly - PURE OXYGEN gas. The ECHO2 Skin Care Treatment System leaves the skin healthy, rejuvenated, and beautiful

Mini Lift (The 3 day lift)  $75.
This fast, yet very effective treatment will lift and tighten. Great for a special occasion or any time to refresh and awaken your skin.

Mini Lift Plus  $120. (Peel, $10 per layer)
This extensive treatment will include an AHA facial along with the lifting and tightening benefits of the Mini Lift or can be utilized as a deep exfoliating peel if desired.


Extra Add-On * (includes an alpha- hydroxy pre- treatment)
Micro-Needling $40 per area(includes LED Light therapy)
Micro-Dermabrasion* $40
Ultra-sound* $40
Oxygen* $40
Photo Light Therapy $40.
Acne Treatment* $30
 HP Lightening Treatment* $30.
Peptide Cocktail $25.(Includes Ultra-Sound)

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